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Boltblue: One Step At A Time

The world has been shaped by technological advancement. At the turn of every century, we characterize milestones by what innovations we have made. With more and more innovation getting churned out, we can expect to see even more stunning developments.  Companies such as Blotblue and Simple 1300 Numbers are at the forefront of this innovation and you an get in touch here.

One name that stands out in the telecommunication arena is Boltblue. In 16 years, communication has been revolutionized by the techniques we use in passing and receiving information.  Then again, 16 years prior noticed a loophole. The UK-based service provider worked on an ambitious plan to introduce a messaging platform that would transform the way people communicated. From 2005 to 2009, their user numbers had shot up from 9 million to 13 million.

They have used techniques in the past that could be labeled as ‘bold’ by others. At the time, enlisting actors to go out on the street and let the word out about Boltblue was no mean feat. In the long run, it proved to a stroke of genius.

What do they offer

Boltblue solidified the faith in the SMS vision by conducting the U.K’s first mobile voting poll. The poll was hugely successful, attracting opinion from a one million people and getting the support of Charles Kennedy.

Their main service is the provision of a platform for short messaging services(SMS). However, they have diversified, dipping their hands in everything from color pictures to online dating. They have invested in quality content, putting tens of thousands of files for download.

Other than providing mobile content, they have forged great relationships with giants such as 20th-century Fox, Vodafone and Levi’s in advertising campaigns.

2000 saw Boltblue’s invention of an SMS-based movie ticket platform. The service allowed users to know film locations and book tickets via the platform, using mobile phones.

In 2007, UK was treated to the sudden withdrawal of services. Boltblue had become very popular, in providing a huge client base with broadband services. In an unprecedented move, they chose to migrate their users to alternative ISP providers so that they could train their attention on mobile entertainment.


On the back of a strong presence in the UK, Boltblue has expanded its base to touch in areas of Germany, Australia, Netherlands and Ireland. All this good work don’t go unnoticed as Boltblue has been the recipient of numerous awards including being ranked in the Sunday Times, Microsoft and the financial giant, Barclays.

With users demanding faster and more intricate entertainment access and service, Boltblue continues to chart new courses in any country that they have visibility in.


How Does An Aussie Telecom Blog Make Us Learn Different Aspects Of Telecommunication?

In the recent days, telecom has taken over a great part in our lives. Now, you might ask the reason behind this, and the only simple answer to it is due to the popularity of cell phones and their significant roles in the lives of ordinary people. There are some benefits of these devices;there is not a single soul who is not aware of the advantages of these devices. However, what people are not aware of are the peripheral technological shifts that have taken place due to this. Services that were once considered to be essential in ourliveshave become outdated. However, Australia has begun its research in so many aspects. Let us take a look how.

How To Look Something Up?

The best and proper way of doing real research on the latest telecommunication services is through a thorough internet based research. There are lots of different Australian blogs or sites for you to look up to.

The services are handy. For instance, you have a missed call from an unknown number, and you wish to return that call to whomever that number belongs to. Thus, telecommunication blogs can help you identify the number. This is how handy these free services can prove. However, nowadays, you cannot guarantee the acuteness of the result; once you plug in the number you want to find out about.


How Does The Entire Service Works?

So basically, an Aussie telecom blog is an independent consultancy and research company that primarily focuses on the various aspects of telecommunication and its role in the digital economy these days. The services explore the developments in wireless technologies and put up a detailed review of everything that might serve well to the ordinary people.

What Does It Mainly Focuses On?

These blogs encompass everything that comes under national broadband network and other relevantsystems. The strategy of the service revolves around three basic ideas, and these are as follows:

  • What kind of business opportunities are there in the industry group these days.
  • What are the major pitfalls?
  • Where can the following acquisition take place?

On What Parameters Are The Reports Based Upon?

The Aussie telecom blogs provide you a detailed report that has been studied for at least 3 to 5 years. It focuses on the various investment, economic models and also the regulatory. As a matter of fact, linear forecasting or the traditional methodology of forecasting does not apply anymore. Since, there are lots of different elements to take into account, which are related to politics, environment and also technology.

Updating Of Reports Regularly

The reports of these sites are updated from time to time. You get the latest on all information on the critical area of your interest. Annual publications, documents, and reports are exhibited every year. It provides a short snapshot of the telecommunication services all around the world. Thus, you can learn about the global mobile market or specific technologies in specific geographic locations all around the world. Hence, in a nutshell, you get to experience the entire of telecommunication through these blogs.